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fake call and fake sms 2016


fake call and fake sms 2016 - Joke to make free calls and false. It is 100% FREE.The most professional and Amazing fake call and fake sms 2016 application for android device.
Get out the trouble, make yourself a fake call or fake sms.
With our application you can simulate fake phone Calls or fake SMS to fool your friends, your girlfriend and family.
You can also fool your family or friends by a fake Chat conversation.
How It Works:
1. Choose you want to simulate: fake call and fake sms 2016.2. Set Name, telephone and photography.3. Write your own SMS Messages for Fake Chat.4. Choose delay time to receive fake Call or Fake SMS.5. Fool your friends !!!
more features:- tricked your friends that a celeb is calling your phone.- prank call yourself.- fake call that actually has a fake person talking.
Why use our app Fake Call and Fake SMS 2016.?
- Fake Call is free. It will always be free.- You can create Fake SMS chat and fool your friends.- You can make fake calls all you want and receive Fake SMS.- Fake Call & Fake SMS works even offline also.- We will update the application regularly.
key features:- fake caller id number.- change name of caller.- fake call with picture.- pretend your boss calling.- make call with your own ringtone.- schedule a fake call.- easy to use.
An application prank to fool your friends!
this application offer you:fake call prankfake caller idfake call 2fake sms boyfriend jokefake smsfake sms girlfriend jokefake textfake text messagefake text message to myselffake text message to a fake boyfriend
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